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The Arctic TRANSFORM project seeks to develop transatlantic policy options for supporting adaptation in the marine Arctic environment. It places a special emphasis on involving a broad range of stakeholders to address the major climate issues facing the region.
DAMOCLES is an integrated monitoring system designed to understand and quantify climate related changes in the Arctic. The project was funded by the European Union 6th Framework Programme and ran from 2007-2008.
SEARCH is a U.S. interagency effort to understand the changes presently being observed in the Arctic. The programme currently funds nearly 70 projects studying developments in terrestrial, oceanic, atmospheric and human systems.
SEARCH for DAMOCLES is a joint initiative to bridge two independent Arctic research programmes, SEARCH (USA) and DAMOCLES (EU).
THOR is a European Union 7th Framework Programme funded project that monitors and forecasts the development of the North American Thermohaline Circulation due to climate change. The project runs from 2007-2013.
The ICE2SEA is a four year project funded by the European Union 7th Framework Programme to quantify the amount of sea-level rise expected over the next 200 years due to continental ice melt.
The Arctic Tipping Points project (ATP) aims to identify and predict major changes that are likely to occur in the Arctic marine ecosystem due to climate change. ATP is a European Union 7th Framework Programme funded project.
GeoPolitics in the High North
The aim of the GeoPolitics in the High North research programme is to develop new knowledge about actors and their interests in the High North.


Arctic Council
The Arctic Council is a high level intergovernmental forum promoting cooperation and coordination among the Arctic States.
GRID-Arendal, a Norwegian foundation whose mission it is to convey environmental information to policymakers, also serves as UNEP’s key Polar Centre.
ARCTOS Network
ARCTOS is a network of scientists focussed on Arctic marine ecosystem research. The network was established in 2002 and was initiated by Norwegian based scientists and institutions. Collaboration with North American, Russian and EU institutions provide a pan-Arctic perspective.
CICERO – the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – is an independent research center associated with the University of Oslo (Norway). CICERO is currently conducting several Arctic research related projects.